Our Program

Our Program

The Leadership Nebraska program was designed to focus on leadership development by advancing candidates’ leadership qualities and broadening their understanding of and involvement in issues and opportunities facing our state.

Class members have an opportunity to develop and hone leadership skills and gain a broader understanding of issues facing Nebraska, with a focus on issues in topical areas such as:

  • Economic Development
  • Workforce Development and Education
  • Agriculture/Environment
  • Government/Politics
  • Health/Human Services

Participants learn about the critical issues in these areas through discussions with top officials of the state, professionals in the areas, field trips and experiential activities. The program cultivates a network of citizens with diverse backgrounds and experiences who represent the many geographic areas of the State.

Session are held in different communities across the state, coordinating with community leaders on dates and topics.

Although the selected participants will be from different regions, have varied backgrounds and possess diverse talents, they all must have one common characteristic - an abiding interest in Nebraska and her future.

The program consists of six, two-day educational sessions. Each of the educational sessions is conducted in a different community and addresses key subjects and critical issues facing Nebraska. The sessions typically run from Wednesday evening through Friday noon, or Tuesday evening to Thursday afternoon. At each leadership session, recognized authorities - practitioners, teachers, professionals and analysts - provide information and insight into program topics. A variety of views are presented on each topic considered, and visits are made to local sites to reinforce, through observation and practical experience, the subject matter of the program. Participants must be committed to the program and accept the demands of the schedule, as attendance at all six sessions of Leadership Nebraska is mandatory for graduation.

Leadership Nebraska is an affiliate of The Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Leadership Nebraska is a 501(c)3 organization, with oversight provided by a volunteer Leadership Nebraska Council. Leadership Nebraska strives to maintain a geographical, occupational, ethnicity and gender balance among participants. Our legal name is The State Chamber’s Leadership Nebraska.

Tuition for the Class is $2,750. Tuition is due upon notification of acceptance into the program, and must be paid in full at least one month prior to the Orientation Session to avoid cancellation. Meals and lodging are included, but participants are responsible for travel costs to the class site. (Partial financial assistance may be available or a fee payment plan may be arranged. If you require financial assistance, please include a letter explaining the reason(s) for your request and the financial amount or payment plan requested.)

Nomination Forms for the next class may be submitted beginning January 2019 through April 2019. Those interested in applying are not required to have a third party nomination; self-nominations are encouraged.

Click Nomination Form to nominate another person for Leadership Nebraska, or click Application Form to submit an application for you.

To further discuss your role in Leadership Nebraska, please contact Roberta Pinkerton, Executive Director, at rpinkerton@nechamber.com or by calling 402-474-4422.